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Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses Engaged in Nanotechnology

September 25, 2012

California NanoSystems Institute Building
University of California, Los Angeles

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Workshop Presentations
We strongly encourage workshop participants and others interested in nanotechnology to view the presentations offered during the workshop on "Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses Engaged in Nanotechnology."  By clicking on the following links, you will be able to view a copy of each presentation given during the workshop.

Welcome Slides and Recognition of Sponsors and Partners

Future Benefits/Opportunities and Safety Assessment of Nanotechnology
Andre Nel, Ph.D.
Director, UC Center for the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEIN)

Dr. Nel's presentation provides a brief overview of current research in the safe implementation of nanotechnology in humans and the environment.  Slides address the projected impact of nanomedicine, nanomaterial safety, the need for alternative testing strategies, and life-cycle analysis.

National Nanotechnology Initiative: Contributing to the Economic Recovery of America (Keynote Presentation)
Sally Tinkle
, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office

Dr. Tinkle's presentation provided attendees with current information regarding the organization, investment, strategy, and opportunities offered by the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI).  Slides review NNI goals, program areas, support for innovation, and promising nanotechnologies.

Legislative Forecast in California and How It May Impact Business Environments (no slides available)
Wayne Nastri
Senior Vice President, mCapitol Management

Mr. Nastri spoke to attendees on ways the nanotechnology industry can align with the current economy.  His presentation addressed the current lack of legislative focus on nanotechnology issues and identified opportunities in California for businesses to reach out to the state legislature.  Mr. Nastri noted the opportunity for industry to shape regulatory outcomes through the political process.

Overview of Federal and International Regulations on Nanomaterials
Lynn L. Bergeson
Managing Principal, Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C)

Ms. Bergeson's presentation provided attendees with important details on overarching global themes, including regulatory issues, data development, alternative testing methods, and research programs.  Details on the state of evolving governance systems and standards of care are also provided.

Measurement Strategies for Nanomaterials -- Applicability to the Environment
Raymond David, Ph.D.
Manager of Toxicology for Industrial Chemicals, BASF Corporation

Dr. David presented information on the state of the science  for environmental measurement of nanomaterials and work performed by the Industry Consortium for the Environmental Measurement of Nanomaterials (ICEMN).  His presentation reviews sources of exposure, the ICEMN mission, instrumentation, and common themes.

Venture Capital and How to Get It
Mark Bünger
Research Director, Lux Research

Mr. Bunger provided an overview of venture capital currently available to the nanotechnology industry, recent trends, and options available to nanotechnology companies.  His presentation also provides insight into what venture capital firms look for, the nanotechnology value chain, and a case study.

Challenges and Opportunities for International Partnership in Nanotechnologies
Hughes Metras
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, North America, CEA-LETI, France

Mr. Metras recounted the experience of the Caltech Leti alliance for nanosystems VLSI and lessons learned from years of cooperation.  He provided attendees with insight to key factors for success and roadblocks encountered during the partnership.

Public Perceptions of Nanotechnology Risk
Barbara Herr Harthorn, Ph.D.
Director, Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, Center for Nanotechnology in Society

Dr. Harthorn reviewed the mission of the Center for Nanotechnology in Society and presented the reasoning for studying nano risk perception.  Her presentation identifies factors that make novel technological risks seem less acceptable, nanotechnology awareness, media coverage, and the role of industry in shaping the perception of nanotechnologies.

Quantum Dots by Responsible Design
Seth Coe-Sullivan, Ph.D.
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, QD Vision, Inc.

Dr. Coe-Sullivan provided attendees with lessons learned through his business development experience.  He discussed matters regarding environmental, health, and safety issues, business location, and elements necessary for the success of a nanotechnology business.

Commercialization of Nanotechnology Enabled Products in California
Steven Oldenburg, Ph.D.
President, nanoComposix, Inc.

Dr. Oldenburg provided attendees with proven strategies and practices that were used to make his California nanotechnology business a success.  His presentation reviews technologies, applications, and identifies both challenges and opportunities for businesses within California.

Opportunities for Collaboration to Advance Nanotechnology in California
Vincent Caprio
Executive Director, NanoBusiness Commercialization Association

Mr. Caprio presented several keys to increased collaboration and advancement of the nanotechnology industry.  His presentation explains what he referred to as the "Perfect Storm," including the economic climate, venture capital investment, and engagement within the venture capital community.

Opportunities for Collaboration
Griff Kundahl

Executive Director
, Center of Innovation for Nanobiotechnology (COIN)

Mr. Kundahl informed participants of the role played by the Center of Innovation for Nanobiotechnology (COIN), the composition of the North Carolina nanotechnology industry, and a case study highlighting the success found through collaboration and investment.

Opportunities for Collaboration to Advance Nanotechnology in California and CalNIN
Kathleen Roberts
Vice President, B&C Consortia Management, L.L.C. (BCCM)

Ms. Roberts identified key actions that must be taken to advance the nanotechnology industry in California.  Her presentation provides an overview of the collaboration needed, benefits offered to industry by a consortia approach, and the opportunities provided by the California Nano Industry Network (CalNIN) to meet collaborative needs and goals.

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